We have designated some of the most desirable locations in the cemetery for the placement of individual Private Mausoleums.  These ultra-exclusive selections have seen resurgence in popularity as families search for something other than ground burial.  Pictured above are examples from other locations across the country.



Pictured above is the Remembrance Mausoleum, one of our existing outdoor Mausoleums. Mountain View offers several existing mausoleum choices in price ranges to meet most needs of those preferring above ground entombment. Offered are both single crypts and companion crypts at various levels of height. We are proud to announce plans to construct our first ever indoor Mausoleum, this facility tentatively will provide a large selection of both indoor and outdoor single and companion crypts as well as granite and glass front niches. For updates on the availability of this new building, call Butch Twilley at 253-584-0252


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