Understanding that cremation is the preferred choice for many, we have also created innovative and unique options for the permanent placement of urns as an alternative to scattering.  Our recently expanded "Estate" portion of our Valley Rose Urn Garden is unlike anything previously available and combines tranquility with pleasing aesthetics.




In addition to the Valley Rose Urn Garden, there are several other equally appealing options for the permanent placement of urns.  Some of the most popular are the glass front niches at the Remembrance Mausoleum and the Serenity Fountain Niches. 



In-ground inurnment options include our Valley Rose Urn Garden (above left) as well as other cemetery sections both dedicated specifically for urn placement or burial spaces able to have multiple urns placed with a traditional burial.

 For all of our cremation memorialization options, please call Butch Twilley or one of our cemetery counselors at 253-584-0252 7 days a week from 8am until 5 pm

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