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Funeral Services

Why do we have funerals?

According to Dr. Alan Wolfelt (1), funerals have been our way of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the death of someone we love. The funeral ceremony:


  • Helps us acknowledge that someone we love has died
  • Allows us to say goodbye.
  • Provides a social support system for us and other friends and family members.
  • Helps us move from life before the death to life after the death.
(1) "Creating Meaningful Ceremonies - A Guide For Families", Companion Press, 2000. For more information call (970) 226-6050.

Do all funerals have to be the same?

Today the term "Funeral Services" means many different things to many different people. Funerals are becoming very "personalized events" that may no longer conform to the "traditions of the past". Even within certain ethnic groups, "traditions" are changing to meet the needs of today's families. Funerals can be held in one of our chapels, at the graveside, the family's church or other location such as a park, restaurant, bowling alley or fraternal lodge.

Mountain View Funeral Home specializes in assisting families in "personalizing" the funeral ceremony for each individual family we assist. Some ways of personalizing services are:


  • Creating a "Celebration of Life" atmosphere for the service by using a more "non-traditional" environment. Our newly constructed "Celebration of Life Center" is such an environment while our Garden and Valley Chapels offer more traditional religious settings.
  • Use of photos & collage boards, in the viewing areas and service settings.
  • The display of personal items of the deceased, such as arts and crafts, hobbies, sporting equipment, tools of their trade, even classic cars in the viewing area and service area.
  • Celebration of Life videos played at the service and reception and the use of special music meaningful to the deceased and the family.
  • Involvement of family and close friends in the speaking and officiating of the services.
  • Releasing of environmentally friendly balloons

How do I plan a personalized service?

Personalizing the service can be anything a family would wish to do that will bring more meaning to the event you are planning. Your imagination is your only limiting resource.
The funeral directors at Mountain View Funeral Home are specially trained to help you with planning a funeral service that will be a meaningful tribute to your loved one's life. They will work with your family in planning a service to meet your individual wishes and needs.

When considering the type of ceremony appropriate for your family, some things to consider are:


  • Where will the service be held - traditional or a more non-traditional setting?
  • Will the casket be present during the service?
  • Will there be viewing of the deceased for immediate and extended family or co-workers and friends? Will this viewing take place before or after the service?
  • What methods of personalization can we help you incorporate?
  • Who will officiate at or conduct the service - A Celebrant, clergy, family or even a close friend?
  • Are there family members or friends who would like to participate in the service?


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