Mountain View is currently being run by the 4th generation of Thompsons. Cindy Thompson came to Mountain View in 1987 from a career in health care. While working, Cindy went to night school at Pacific Lutheran University where she received her MBA. She received training in all aspects of the company before becoming President in 1996 upon her father's retirement. Cindy is on the board of directors of both the International Cemetery and Funeral Association and the Washington State Cemetery and Funeral Association. She recently earned her Certified Cemetery and Funeral Executive designation from ICFA.

      Mountain View currently employs a full time staff of 70 people. This depth in staffing helps us deliver quality service 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
We are proud of our staff and committed to ongoing education/training so that we can offer you the best practices available in funeral and cemetery services.

      As it moves into the future, Mountain View draws on a rich heritage. The Memorial Park was incorporated in 1915 by James Richard Thompson. In 1942 his son J. Arthur Thompson added the funeral home on the cemetery grounds. At the time a revolutionary idea, it was only the second funeral home/cemetery combination started in the United States. In 1956 the third generation of Thompson's, Brewer B. Thompson came to Mountain View. U
nder his leadership Mountain View continued to grow. A second funeral chapel was built on the grounds, the operation was computerized, the staff grew in size to 68 full time employees, 80 more acres were acquired for the memorial park and the company became debt free.




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